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Car body surface preparation and coating

A technician of this trade performs surface treatments and industrial coating on the car body. They need to carry out the activity by applying industrial coating technologies independently, according to the vehicle body surface treatment regulations. Their work involves complying with the quality standards through applying surface treatment procedures and taking part in activities of constantly improving technological processes, quality control, work safety and environmental protection.

Technical knowledge:

  • carrying out complete coating, coating repairs, decorative coating on car bodies.
  • carrying out the preparing of bodies and body parts for painting and coating operations (tools, primers, fillers, polishing materials, degreasing agents)
  • preparing the coating on metal, wood and plastic surfaces (removing or covering objects, surface cleaning, putty, sanding, filling, surface degreasing)
  • preparation of paint or varnish, depending on technology, color mixing
  • painting, coating, decorative coating operations
  • polishing operations
  • applying treatment on meal surfaces (preparation or post-operation procedures)
  • handling of coating-related chemicals, equipment, instruments or measuring tools
  • controlling production line work processes, carrying out coating repairs
  • carrying out disposition tasks in connection with the preparation of materials within the production and assembling controlling system of the plant.
  • operating, supervising and checking degreasing and coating machines
  • carrying out the priming, preparing the materials for the final coating application
  • applying coating by hand and with coating instruments
  • carrying out polishing operations
  • meeting quality controlling tasks
  • performing post-operations by hand and small manual instruments

Possible job positions at the plant:

  • Paint shop