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Vehicle mechatronics

A vehicle mechatronic technician works at the technical handover of a new car rolling off the production line, in vehicle serial production. The technician will check the quality of the mechanical and electronic systems of the new car, detecting and correcting faults and will prepare the vehicle for further processes.

Technical knowledge:

  • performing quality controls in the course of production, checking the quality of the car leaving the production line
  • using trade-specific machines, tools and measuring equipment
  • documenting the measurements taken
  • checking and analyzing the electric, electronic, mechanic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems
  • detecting and eliminating faults and disturbances, using automated measuring- and testing systems
  • operating the vehicles and its systems, putting the vehicles into operation and checking the compliance with regulations
  • assembling, disassembling and checking the electrical and mechanical parts
  • maintaining, repairing and adjusting vehicles and systems
  • looking for faults and disturbances, evaluating measurement results

Possible job positions at the plant:

  • Assembly shop: vehicle installation, central post-production
  • Quality management (QM): fixing of quality problems, special repairs