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The topping out ceremony at the car manufacturing plant in Kecskemét took place with the attendance of Minister for National Development Mr. György Matolcsy. In order to keep the determined deadlines, a new technology was applied already in the planning phase: the Kecskemét plant was the first among Mercedes-Benz factories where the plans were fully made with the help of three-dimensional digital planning, including the designs for the buildings, the technical equipment, and the production lines as well. It was of great significance for the purpose of precise scheduling of implementation works, keeping all the deadlines and staying within the set budget limits. The plant in Kecskemét was equipped with the most modern environmentally sound technology. The concept for logistics allows for saving as much as a yearly quantity of 60,000 tons of CO2 due to the usage of the industrial railway line built to the site of the plant. The choice of location for the investment had a huge advantage for the Hungarian economy: more than 80 percent of all construction works were carried out by companies located in Hungary. There will be more operation-related opportunities opening up for Hungarian partner companies later on in the future as well. As the project progresses, several suppliers already received the first assignments, there will be a number of other tender invitations announced. 17 Hungarian suppliers received orders for car production basic materials in the value of several hundred million Euros.